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Light Body Retreat

Lake Michigan, west of Montague, Michigan
April 28 - May 1, 2019

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Human beings are moving into a new phase of evolution from a carbon-based body to a Light Body. As you evolve your energy field gains more and more light. At some point, that starts to spill over into your physical body. This Light connects us to all of creation and moves us from a multi-chakra system to a unified chakra (or Unichakra).

We will be talking about Light Body, how to develop it, signs that your energy field and physical body are holding more Light, how that fits into your spiritual path and movement towards Oneness, and where you are in that process. The class is geared to where the group is on the Path. There will be plenty of time for Q&A.

We will be staying in a private A-frame cottage right on beautiful Lake Michigan near Montague, MI. Housing will be $90 for all 3 nights ($30/night). My fee will be $200, and there is a $60 charge for a total of 9 vegetarian meals (Sunday dinner through Wednesday lunch). If you would like dairy and /or gluten free food please let us know ahead of time. Plan to share cooking tasks.

There are 2 full-sized beds and 4 twin beds, so please let me know if you are bringing a roommate that you can share a bed with, or if you are willing to share a bed if necessary. Sleeping is dorm-style (no bunk beds), so we will be sharing space and one bathroom. Please bring your own sheets and towels.

You will have time alone to “retreat” from the world and work on your Spiritual Path.

A non-refundable deposit of $100 secures your place for this popular retreat.

Total Cost: $350 for each retreat and includes room and board

Retreat Dates
  • Spring Retreat: 4/28/19 at 4pm - 5/1/19 till 2pm Registration deadline and cost of the retreat are due by 4/20/19
  • Fall Retreat: To be determined
  • Contact Karlta to let her know you are interested in attending.

General Registration Form

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Karlta teaching Light Body