Karlta Zarley, RN, PLC
Karlta Zarley: Certified Healing Touch Practitioner
Karlta Zarley: Certified Healing Touch Practitioner

Seals of Solomon

Seals of Solomon Activation Part 2

Date: November 10, 2018
Time: 9 - 1 pm
Cost: $100
Registration deadline: November 3, 2018
Forms of payment: Cash, checks, MasterCard and Visa

Seals of Solomon 3, 4, and 5 will be offered in 2019.

Seals of Solomon

King Solomon’s wisdom is legendary; he was very connected with Universal Knowledge to guide every aspect of life. People from every Time and Culture (which I call Culture-Time) have sought to connect with Source and greater wisdom. These activations are designed to reconnect us now with all our accumulated knowledge and wisdom from our aspects in all the times and cultures we have embodied since our original creation.

When our Souls originally decided to explore separation as a way to understand Oneness, we developed the aspects of our Souls which lived out what we call past, parallel and future lifetimes. This separation was carried out even in our energetic fields in what we now call the 7 major chakras and layers of the auric field. This follows the Universal Law of: “As above (energetically), so below (physically).” Since then, our Soul’s goal was to ultimately return to Oneness with All with a greater understanding and appreciation of individuality as part of that Oneness. To fully do this, all the lessons we have learned must be accepted and integrated as part of our Original Self.

We have all had many lifetimes to explore being a farmer, artist, thief, shaman, murderer, teacher, warrior, healer, embezzler, hunter, torturer, leader, sorcerer, priestess, etc. Every experience has taught us something useful, even if our society now labels those experiences as “bad.” When we can completely accept each lesson as equal and worthy, we can release judgment (which is separation in action) and can reunify with our aspects and move towards Wholeness. The Seals Activations allow us to reconnect to our aspects from various culture-times and move towards the very Oneness we seek.

There are a total of 25 sets of Seals; each set representing an ancient culture-time. Within each set, there are 5 Seals. The 26th set is an individualized ritual that binds them together with an energetic strengthening and deepening that anchors conventional 3-D reality within the True Reality and the True Reality with our 3-D reality. The culture-times covered in each Activation are as follows:

Activation One: Egyptian, Mayan, Mu, Atlantean and Druid
Activation Two: Ancient Africa, Incan, Ancient Hebrew, Lemurian, Native American (N. American)
Activation Three: Mongolian, Sumerian, Maori, Clovis (S. American) Scandinavia
Activation Four: Siberia/China/Japan, Indonesian, Aztec, Greece (incl. Eastern Bloc countries), Tibet
Activation Five: Inuit, Polynesian, India/Nepal, Aboriginal, Off-World 26th Seal binds them all together

Your experience of the Activations will be unique, depending on the number of lifetimes you had then and the types of learning you gained in each culture. As you reconnect with your aspects, there will be changes in your energies. Any previous physical, emotional, mental or spiritual energy in you that doesn't resonate with these new, expanded frequencies will cause a shift as you release it. Every time an aspect blends with you, you become a different person. This can be intense and may feel different than what you are used to. Any lessons not immediately integrated will be held in your field to be integrated over time.

As time goes by, you will notice that you feel different and your life begins to change. Subtly or dramatically, you are incorporating that knowledge and wisdom into your everyday experience. You may notice that you become more accepting of yourself and others, or that you harbor less anger. You may begin to hear Guidance more clearly or manifest your desires more easily.

As you move into your Unlimited Self, you have more Seals activated and bring in more aspects. When your Soul is completely intact, you are connected to all things on all levels and have full access to Universal Knowledge. This means that you move away from having seven chakras and towards a Unichakra, and that you heal your DNA.

Once you have registered, Karlta works on you from a distance before each activation to further prepare your energy field. The chakras are expanded a little at a time to allow your aspects to come in so you may integrate them more easily. When Karlta’s Spirit Guides tell her you are ready for the next step, she opens and expands your chakras a little more so that more aspects may come in. This is repeated until your unified chakra is complete. Healings are done on all levels, including any of your aspects which require healing before it can blend with you. After the activation, she continues to work remotely so that you may continue to bring in new aspects. Some of this work includes connecting the DNA of your aspects to the DNA of your current physical and etheric bodies. The speed at which you will receive your aspects depends on your acceptance of all possible learning experiences in your lifetimes.“This is one of the most powerful awakenings I have experienced. I could feel immense shifts and openings going on throughout the process…What Karlta offers is a huge, huge gift for which I feel grateful beyond words.” --H.M.

“In 7 years as an energy healer, I have never experienced anything as powerful as the Activation of the Seals…I feel as thought there is nothing I can’t do!” --K.H.

“The Seals have allowed me to access higher realms of knowingness, my connectedness to my many selves, and the Universal Energies around me. My awareness has become even more multidimensional!” --M.F.