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September's Choice

At the end of September there will be a choice point that comes forward in governmental systems around the world to choose a fearless and open society or a fearful and closed society. Read and listen to understand the intention of this meditation.

Easing the Transformation

The intention of this meditation is to pause to reconsider priorities, as individuals and together, to help the energy to shift as easily as possible during this time of transformation. Listen and download …..

Multidimensional Meditation

This Interdimensional Grounding is comprised of 4 steps - Down, Up, Out, In.

I have provided both text and audio for this meditation and the illustrations have been provided by Pascal-Olivier Miclette.

Be Still and Know

On a recent kayaking trip in glorious October, I came upon a blue heron posing, motionless, in the reeds along the river, patiently awaiting a tender morsel for lunch. She watched me curiously, unafraid. We were the only two beings within view. Her stillness intrigued me. Eventually, I understood the message she had for me...
-Be still...
Just BE...Don't always be DOING

Double Vortex Meditation

First let's review some terms I use in this meditation:

Just like a hurricane, a vortex has a central eye that is still.

When a potter makes a vase on a potter's wheel, they start narrow, widen it and then pinch it in towards to top to narrow it again. We will be referring to this, but we will also speak about pinching it at the bottom to be very narrow. This will also be referred to as a Potter's Shield.
When I say that the vortex is moving clockwise or counterclockwise, that is based on when you look down your body and pretend that you are standing on the face of a clock. The Inner Layer will go clockwise because that is generally how humans' fields are best functioning.

You may feel a little dizzy when you start this meditation with the first vortex. Make sure that rotation is strong and not wobbly before going to the second vortex. The second one will balance the first so that it is much less “dizzy-making.” DO NOT think this automatically means it loses power!! This is a very powerful meditation and manageable because Spirit made it balanced!