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Interdimensional Meditation

This interdimensional Grounding has 4 steps. I'll explain them here BEFORE you actually then go over it again to practice it. The parts that are in all caps are the parts that you would read the second time through to voice guide yourself when you practice this.
Pascal-Olivier Miclette-Down
1. PRETEND THAT YOU ARE STANDING IN THE MIDDLE OF A GIGANTIC TREE TRUNK, where the outer edge of the trunk is a circle about as far from your torso as when your arms are extended straight out. When you are in a tree trunk like this, visualize looking down at the earth and notice that it is the same as standing in the middle of a circle that is at least 6-7 ft in diameter, which gives you much more surface area on the Earth to connect. ACROSS THE WHOLE AREA OF THAT CIRCLE, SEE YOURSELF EXTENDING YOUR ENERGY DOWN INTO THE EARTH LIKE ROOTS THAT DEEP AND WIDE, DEEP AND WIDE, DEEP AND WIDE.  FEEL YOUR ENERGY CONNECT TO THE EARTH AND FEEL WHAT THAT FEELS LIKE (pause).  SET YOUR INTENTION TO LEAVE YOUR ENERGY HERE AND TRAVEL BACK UP THE ROOTS TO YOUR CORE back in the tree trunk. This gives you much more surface area from which to gain the benefits of sharing Earth's electrons, which calms your body and decreases inflammation. (This step is called "DOWN".)
Pascal-Olivier Miclette-Up
2. NOW PRETEND THAT YOU ARE EXTENDING YOUR ENERGY UP THROUGH THE BRANCHES OF THIS TREE TRUNK UP INTO THE UNIVERSE TOWARDS THE DIVINE.  LET YOUR ENERGY STRETCH UP AND OUT, UP AND OUT, UP AND OUT IN A MIRROR IMAGE OF THE ROOTS.  FEEL YOUR ENERGY CONNECT WITH THE HEAVENS AND FEEL WHAT THAT FEELS LIKE (pause). This gives you much more access to your own intuition, to your Book of Life and to the Sea of All Possibilities, which is where you manifest from. SET YOUR INTENTION TO LEAVE YOUR ENERGY HERE AND TRAVEL BACK DOWN TO YOUR PHYSICAL CORE. (This step is called "UP.") Please note that you are keeping your energy all together but you are stretching it out like "arms" pulled out of a clay ball.
Pascal-Olivier Miclette-Out
3. NOW PRETEND THAT YOU CAN SEE TINY LITTLE YOUS DRESSED LIKE YOU ARE TODAY, STANDING ON TINY LITTLE GLOBES ALL AROUND YOU INSIDE THE TREE TRUNK. Since we are all multidimensional beings, these represent other aspects of you, or you in other lifetimes, whatever makes sense to you. Some days you will see a few, some days you may see many. That doesn't matter--it has to do with how many multidimensional selves you perceive at some level at all times. SEE YOURSELF SEND A TINY LITTLE SILVER CORD OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE FROM YOUR HEART HERE IN YOUR PHYSICAL BODY TO EACH OF THE HEARTS OF YOUR DIMENSIONAL SELVES. (This step is called "OUT.")
Pascal-Olivier Miclette-In

4. FINALLY, SEE EACH OF THE MULTIDIMENSIONAL SELVES SENDING A TINY SILVER CORD OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE FROM THEIR HEARTS BACK TO YOUR PHYSICAL HEART HERE IN THE 3D WORLD. This will look like you are in the middle of a dandelion fluff-ball of silver threads of unconditional love. (This step is called "IN.")
This meditation has the effect of acting like a suspension bridge. Steps one and two are the upright pillars that give strength, while steps three and four are like the cables that add flexibility. Bridges need to be flexible in winds. But in the energy field of a person, this gives one flexibility while the energy of others, situations, even one's own emotions and learning processes are always on the move, which can feel like chaos. In times of great growth and change, it is easy to mistake chaos for something that should be feared. But we are in a time where what we perceive to be chaos is really an opportunity for change away from is no longer serving us as individuals and as a society, and towards what would serve us all better.

After several practices with this, you will notice that it really doesn't take much time to do this grounding exercise. After enough practice (like daily for a week), you can do the whole thing in about 10 seconds by saying to yourself DOWN. (A one second pause) UP (a one second pause) OUT (pause) IN (pause). It really is that easy!!

Drawings by Pascal-Olivier Miclette. To print out this meditation click on the printer icon on the lower right.

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