Karlta Zarley: Certified Healing Touch Practitioner

210 Little Lake Drive, Suite 7
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
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Appointments and Fees

Working With Karlta:

Karlta sees clients in her private office three days a week. First appointments are 1-1/2 to 2 hours (depending on complexity) to allow time for history taking, goal-setting and time to do a treatment.

She also works in a similar manner with clients by appointment on the phone, but any energy work done is narrated in the style of guided imagery for the client.

Finally, she can also work remotely at set times. The client will have a phone conversation to get a history and set goals at the beginning of their working relationship with Karlta. After that, they can either email her with a focus for the following appointments or not. Karlta does the work at the appointed time and then later will write up an email to reflect what was assessed, work done, outcomes, homework and any messages from Spirit for the client. Billing is based on time needed to do the energy work plus the time to type up the report for the client, billed to the next 5 min block. (For instance if work plus write-up takes 47 mins, the client is billed for 50 minutes prorated at $84/hr.)

Communication between treatments may be by phone, text or email. If in the course of one “thread” of conversation she can respond within 15 mins, then there is no charge. If her response takes longer than 15 mins, then the client is billed by the 5 minute block beginning at 15 mins of her time.

Clients may pay with cash, personal check, Venmo, MasterCard or Visa. Monthly statements are sent out by email about the 20th of each month.


Karlta’s work and the information on this site should be considered to be educational and does not take the place of medical diagnosis and advice. Talk to your doctor before making any health decisions. It is the responsibility of each person seeking assistance to be the final determiner of his or her choices in life.