Karlta Zarley, RN, PLC
Karlta Zarley: Certified Healing Touch Practitioner
Karlta Zarley: Certified Healing Touch Practitioner

Earth Healing

Karlta has a very strong connection to the land and receives many requests for healing work from beings in other dimensions or from Earth herself. This work may occur on-site or from a distance and often involves coordinating the participation of other healers and Spirit Guides. Karlta uses ritual, visioning, flower essences, prayer and essential oils in this process. More tangibly, she has been an organic gardener throughout her life, and strives to live harmoniously and reverently with the Land. You may either express an interest in joining her or support this ministry with your own prayers.

In the Fall of 2010 Karlta led healing rituals on the Earth in the Mt. Ida, Arkansas area.

In June of 2011 Karlta led healing work in the Mt. Shasta area and visited the big island of the Hawaii.

To view some of Karlta's earth healing work, view the slideshow here.