Karlta Zarley, RN, PLC
Karlta Zarley: Certified Healing Touch Practitioner
Karlta Zarley: Certified Healing Touch Practitioner

Master Formulas of Flower Essences

Master Formulas often help to shift issues that have met resistance or are too "big" to tackle consciously. They are also good for highly sensitive individuals because they work in a very subtle way. Karlta creates customized Master Formulas selected from flower essences to help you address emotional and spiritual issues of wellness. Flower essences work safely alone or in conjunction with herbs, homeopathy, and medications. They are considered safe for anyone including children, the elderly, pregnant women, and pets.

Each Master Formula is a combination of approximately 6–8 essences from either FES, Bach® Flower, or Perelandra, diluted in holy water and preserved with a few drops of orange-flavored vodka.

Typical Treatment Session

Karlta intuitively creates an individualized formula after consulting with you either in person or over the phone about your needs and goals. Each Master Formula includes a written description of the formula’s contents and the issues it was designed to address.

“I am impressed with the effectiveness of the Master Formulas Karlta has put together for me. I appreciate the gentler way the formulas address the [issues] I need to address. This is a very cooperative, holistic way of attending to one's maneuverability in Life.” –A.L.H.

“When Karlta first asked about doing a Master Formula I was skeptical yet I was willing to try it since I trusted Karlta's skill and knowledge. The best thing I can say is that every time Karlta prepared a formula, the ingredients she included were "right on" as to my current situation and what I needed…I always noticed a change!”—M.L.